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States developed in Australia out of the original colonies that were established when different areas of Australia were settled at different times. Colonies developed first at Sydney, followed by Newcastle (still part of New South Wales), then further in the south at Van Diemen's Land (Hobart, in Tasmania), north in Brisbane (Moreton Bay), in the west at Perth, and finally south at Melbourne and Adelaide. On 1 January 1901, they federated as one nation.

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Australia was not actually split into states and territories. The states developed out of the original colonies as they were established.

New South Wales was the first colony to be established. More colonies were established north, south and west as Great Britain sought to secure every part of the continent for its empire, and to keep it out of French hands. The colonies were administered by different Governors, and as they grew, they established their own laws and trade rules.

The colony at Port Jackson remained under the name of New South Wales. Van Diemen's Land (later Tasmania) established itself as a colony independent of New South Wales within a few decades of being settled as, being an island, this was logical. Colonies were established in the west (Western Australia) and the south (South Australia) to offset French interests. The explorations of Charles Sturt also had a great deal to do with the establishment of South Australia. When the goldrush increased the wealth of the colony established at Melbourne, there was a push for the southern colony to also break away from New South Wales: hence, Victoria was born. Soon after this, Queensland followed. These colonies all became states of Australia at Federation on 1 January 1901.

As for the territories: the Northern Territory remained part of New South Wales well into the latter half of the 1800s, but was then allocated to South Australia following John McDouall Stuart's successful expedition to the north, paving the way for the Overland Telegraph Line to be built between Adelaide and Port Essington. It became the Northern Territory around the same time as the Federal Capital Territory (later renamed the Australian Capital Territory) was established to become the home of Canberra, Australia's seat of power.

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Q: Why was Australia Split into states and territories?
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What is Australia split into?

Australia is divided into six states and two territories.

Are there over 50 states in Australia?

There are 6 states and 2 territories in Australia.

What year was it when Australia had 2 territories and 6 states?

At Federation, in 1901, Australia had six states. The two territories were established in 1911.

What are Australia's provinces called?

Australian does not have provinces. Its main divisions are called states and territories. Australia has six states and two territories. The states are:New South WalesQueenslandVictoriaSouth AustraliaWestern AustraliaTasmaniaThe two territories are the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

The Commonwealth of Australia consists of states and territories?

The Commonwealth of Australia consists of 6 states and two mainland territories, along with seven offshore territories. See also the related question.

Does Australia have an island?

Yes, it does. Tasmania, an island to the south of Australia, is one of the states of Australia. Australia has, in fact, 8222 islands attached to its states and territories. In addition, there are seven external (offshore) territories / dependencies.

Which of the states and territories of Australia is an island?

Tasmania is Australia's island state.

Is Australia made up of 7 states?

No. Australia is made up of six states and two territories.

Which states or territories have borders with Western Australia?

South Australia and Northern Territory.

What six states is Australia made up of?

Australia is made up of six states and two territories. The six states of Australia are:New South WalesTasmaniaVictoriaQueenslandWestern AustraliaSouth AustraliaThe two mainland territories are:Northern TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory

Which state or territories of Australia does the SES exist?

SES stands for State Emergency Service. The SES operates in all of the states and territories of Australia.

What are the 6 territories of Australia?

Australia does not have provinces, but states and territories. The six states and two mainland territories are:New South WalesQueenslandSouth AustraliaTasmaniaVictoriaWestern AustraliaNorthern TerritoryAustralian Capital TerritoryThere are also seven offshore territories.