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She sewed the American flags and she helped in wars

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Q: Why was Betsey Ross important to history?
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What are some books on betsey ross?

Betsey Ross by Justin Turner Uncle Sam's Star Route by Betsey Ross The Flag House Philadelphia by Betsey Ross for your information Betsey Ross was the maker of the first American Flag

Is Betsey ross the oldest or youngest of her brothers and sisters?

Betsey Ross was the 8th of 17children.

Why is Betsy Ross is so important?

Betsey Ross sowed the 1st flag of America she made the American flag.

Who ask betsey ross to make the American flag?

George Washington asked Betsey Ross to sew the American Flag.

How many husbands did betsey ross have?


Was betsey ross African American?

no she was white

Who made the oringinal American flag?

Betsey Ross

Why is ivan kuskov important to california history-?

Ivan Kuskov is very important to California history because he helped establish the cultural history of Fort Ross.

How old was betsey ross when she stopped school?

Most girls never got beyond basic reading and writing so she was about 12.

Who were the three people that asked Betsey Ross to make the first American flag?

George Wasington, I forgot the other two lol

What was it about Betsy Ross that helped her succeed?

ANSWER:Betsy Ross is considered an important figure in the history of the United States, for she was the one who created the first American flag.

Why was Betsy Ross's job important?

The job Betsy Ross performed as a seamstress was very important in American history. Her job as a seamstress is meaningful because she was credited with sewing the first American flag.