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differences in language and religion prevented unity among the people of India

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Q: Why was Britain able to dominate India for 200 years?
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Why was Great Britain was able to dominate the slave trade?

Because it was the preeminent sea power.

What caused the British to divide India as part of its independence?

After years of owning India, Britain realized in was not feasible to keep India. It was costing money to defend a country that was not able to offer much in the form of resources.

Why was Great Britain able to dominate India for almost 200 years?

Great Britain conquered India by having its army in the right place at the right time. A civil war was going on between two armies much stronger than the British Army. When those two armies had destroyed each other, the British Army took over.

What did Britain achieve after won World War I?

After World War 1 was won, Britain was able to achieve a gain in territory, most especially in the Middle East. Britain was also able to achieve its ability to dominate at sea.

How did Britain reinforce its control of India?

Britain by its policy of Divide and Rule were able to capture some provinces of India. Taking advantage of the situation, the British destroying the Indian Industry and Commerce, exported raw materials of India to England to develop Britain and then they were exporting from England the manufactured products making India dependent on Britain with its own production and industry totally crippled.

What role did tea trade and production play in the british rule over India?

The tea trade and production of tea played an important role in the British rule of India because since Tea was such an important commodity to Britain they needed to get it from either India or China. The tea trade, after all, was the main reason Britain began to rule over India to begin with. Britain no longer wanted to have to rely on China for their supply of tea. Britain began to look for alternatives to China. What they found was India. They were able to produce enough tea to be able to almost completely rely on India instead of China for their tea.

Why were the Dutch so prosperous in the 1600s?

The spice trade. Research the Dutch East India Company and you will find a wealth of information as to why the Dutch were able to dominate the spice trade.

What led Great Britain finally to grant India limited self rule?

After years of owning India, Britain realized in was not feasible to keep India. It was costing money to defend a country that was not able to offer much in the form of resources.

Why were the Europeans able to dominate?

They were the first organised area.

How long did it take India to gain independence from Great Britain?

India began to fight for it's independence with the Salt march led by Mohandas Gandhi on March 12, 1930. After many happenings to Gandhi himself and his followers they were able to gain independence on August 15, 1947. Therefore it took India 17 years to gain it's independence.

How did the british east India company affect the Indian subcontinent?

The British East India Company played a major role in British imperialism because as British products flowed into India; the Indian goods we're not able to be shipped to Britain because Indian goods were outlawed in India. Soon enough the East India Company was shut down and Britain took it over and used it to sell Britain goods not Indian goods. Thus helping Britain and shutting out India.

Why was the old world able to dominate the new world?

The Old World (British) was able to dominate the New World (America) because there were products the Colonists needed to survive in the New World that they were not able to get in the New World. The Colonists relied on imports of tea and paper and other things.