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Great Britain has been called the workshop of the world because of its leadership in the Industrial Revolution. England built more factories and production facilities than any other nation during that time.

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That water power, limestone, coal & iron ore were all found close to each other. The production of iron was readily available at a particular time.

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Q: Why was Britain called the workshop of the world?
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Because in the 1800's, that's exactly what it was. Britain was the world's first industrialised nation and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Raw materials were imported from Britain's colonies and manufactured goods were sold back to them. Britain also had huge reserves of coal and iron ore - most of which are now depleted.

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Q & AIts called,"Workshop of the World", because it had a lot of factories with lots of tools to work with. By Evan CatheyKewlboy120 adding to that-In the industrial revolution (I think) there were more factories in England than loads of other places so it made things for the rest of the world and exported them. A bit like China now. That's how it got the nickname. I don't think anyone calls it that now though!

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