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they were close to taking them over with Austria in 1938

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Q: Why was Czechoslovakia physically in danger once the Anschluss took place?
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Why were the Czechoslovakia physically in danger once the Anschluss took place?

The Anschluss placed Czechoslovakia in danger because of its location. Part of its territory laid between Germany and Austria making it a prime candidate for annexation and attack.

Who is the best football player from Czechoslovakia?

No such place as Czechoslovakia now

What year did Hitler occupy Austria?

March 12, 1938, it was called the 'Anschluss'.

Is Czechoslovakia a noun?

A generally accepted definition is that a noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. Thus, since Czechoslovakia is the name of a place it IS a noun.

Which is the place of Gregor Johann Mendel?

He was born in Czechoslovakia

During what years does the main setting of the sound of music take place?

The story takes place in 1938, the year of the Anschluss when Austria became part of Nazi Germany

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What does Austrian anschluss mean?

In English "Anschluss" means: 1 - Junction, union, joining, linkup. 2 - Connection, (phone connection, electrical connection, train connection). 3 - Annexation, Union (Annexation of Austria to Germany). 4 - Contact, acquaintance and/or friendship with other people.

1721 violin made in Czechoslovakia antonius stradivarius?

Czechoslovakia country was formed in october 1918,so if your violin says "Made in Czechoslovakia",then is a copy made after 1918.

What historical event taking place during the sound of music?

The Anschluss, which was when Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938. This was part of the beginning of World War II.

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