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Jean-Paul Marat was a leader of the French Revolution. He was the editor of "L'ami du peuple" ("Friend of the people"). The newspaper that named people who were to be executed during the Terror.

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He was a leader in the Committee of Public Safety and of the Jacobins as well as an influential journalist.

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Q: Why was Jean Paul Marat so influential to the French Revolution?
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Who was killed in his bathtub during the french revolution?

Jean-Paul Marat was killed by Charlotte Corday in his bathtub.

Who was nurderd in a bath tub during the French Revolution?

Jean Paul Marat.

Who were key people of the French Revolution?

Jean-Paul Marat, Maximilien Robespierre, Georges Danton, Louis XVI,

Who is the Swiss physician who was killed in his bath during the French revolution?

Jean Paul Marat

What French revolutionary was stabbed in a bathtub?

Jean-Paul Marat, a French revolutionary and journalist, was stabbed to death in his bathtub by Charlotte Corday on July 13, 1793. Corday was a supporter of the Girondins faction and believed that by killing Marat, she could halt the radical turn of the French Revolution.

Who was jean paul marat?

Jean Paul Marat was a leader of the French Revolution. He was killed by Charlotte Corday of Caen, France in his bath tub. He continued to issue letters, pamphlets, and speeches to the citizens of France for the Revolution, despite the troubles it had in establishing a government, and eventually the Emperor Napoleon. Marat's socialist ideals were corrupted. Even with the Revolutionary Tribunals and use of the guillotine the redistribution of wealth could not occur, leaving the poor facing inflation, war, and few options.

What was the purpose of the painting the death of marat?

The dead man in the painting, Jean-Paul Marat, was a comrade of the artist, Jacques-Louis David, during the French Revolution. Marat was a journalist and a radical who was known for rallying people for the revolt, and was ultimately murdered by Charlotte Corday, (mentioned in the note Marat is holding in the painting). Corday felt that by killing Marat, thousands of deaths in the name of the revolution could be avoided. The purpose could be interpreted as a memorial to the artist's friend as well as a political statement for the horrendous occurrences brought about from the French Revolution.

What Was jean Paul Marat famous for during the French Revolution?

Jean-Paul Marat was many things; he was a great philosopher who helped to bring the French out of dark times. He was a radical voice and journalist during the French Revolution who resolutely stood up for the rights of the poor sans-culottes.

Davids painting of Morat?

Jacques-Louis David immortalized the French Revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat in his painting The Death of Marat. Marat was murdered by Charlotte Corday.

What did charlotte corday do in the french revolution?

Well i know she was the woman who killed Jean- Paul Marat, who by the way was an important leader in the fight against the government rulers. He was also blamed for the September Massacres in Paris which was the motive behind his assignation (look up 'Death of Marat')

Who were the main leaders of the French revolution with photo?

The main leader was Maximilien Robespierre because he was the driving force behind the french revolution, and near the end had so much power he was considered a dictator. Another important character in the revolution was Jean-Paul Marat. He ran a local newspaper and wrote about the people who should be guillotined for conspiring against the revolution. He was later on assassinated. jacques hebert is a key person as well, same as Georges Danton

What did Agamemnon and the French revolutionary Jean Marat have in common?

They both were killed by their wives in their baths