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safe passage into the mongol empire simplified trading for europeans.

I think this answer is wrong, prove to me other wise.

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It was so important that they did it for they can get the things they needed to get help from other people like native Americans and other cultures around us that we don't know abouot so Heres the actual answer if you wanna know text me 419-619-7455

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Q: Why was it important for europeans to find a direct trade route to Asia?
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What best explains why europeans wanted to discover a direct trade route to Asia?

The desire for increased profit led Europeans to seek a direct trade route to Asia. If they could dispense with the middleman, they could keep the extra for themselves.

Which best explains why europeans wanted to discover a direct trade route to asis?

Europeans wanted to discover a direct trade route to Asia to bypass the expensive and dangerous overland routes controlled by intermediaries. They sought direct access to the valuable goods of Asia, such as spices, silk, and precious metals, to increase their profits and secure a competitive advantage in the growing global economy.

What did The Europeans want when they found America?

a trade route to asia

What body of water is an important trade route in eastern Europe?

The River Volga is an important trade route.

Why were Europeans looking for a new trade route to Asia?

Asia's good can't get to he europeans because of the Muslims so they have to look for a route that they can trade with the Asia directly. if they can find that route then they wont hav o deal with the Muslims.The Christian Europeans did no like the situation, since region and politics. The Europeans wanted a sea route to Asia because of trade.

What was the most important trade route in africa?

There are many trade routes in Africa. These routes were used as routes for trade and often times for travel.

Why was the silkroad named as the silkroad?

The silk road was a trade route to China allowing the Europeans to trade for silk thus giving it the name of the Silk road

Did the europeans control the spice trade route?

No. Because they were giving Christopher Columbus spices without trading with anyone

What was result of the ottoman empires conquest of constantinople?

europeans began to search for a water based trade route to Asia

Was a result of the Ottoman Empire's conquest of Constantinople?

europeans began to search for a water based trade route to Asia

What was a direct result of the European slave trade in Africa?

It prompted a feeling of racial superiority among Europeans.

Why did Europeans seek new trade routes in the 1400s?

They wanted a route to Asia. The Silk Road was long, expensive, and dangerous.