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It was immoral for European nations to claim land in the Americas that were already inhabited by natives. This is because some people were displaced and used as slaves.

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whay was european nations to claim lands

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Q: Why was moral for European nation to claim lands in the Americas that were already inhabited by natives?
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What do their troubles suggest about the climate and landscape of Plymouth?

The initial trouble with the Plymouth Colony is that it was inhabited by natives and the ground was not good for growing crops.

Why did the euopeans turn to African slaves after using the natives Americans for so long?

They turned to African slaves because they were already used to the European diseases, had farming experience, and had no trace of relatives to refuse their enslavement.

What was the effect of European exploration of the Americas?


Discuss one effect of European exploration and settemeant in new world after 1500?

When the Europeans explored the Americas, it was both good and bad. The good side is that they found new crops such as corn, squash, tabacco, the cocoa bean, etc. Europe was expanding and taking land in what is now Mexico, Cental America, and South America. The bad thing was for the natives already living there. Diseases, such as smallpox, swept through the population of about two million natives, killing most of them off. The natives were also traded as slaves into Europe. The Incan and Aztec empires were completely destroyed. They did have clubs and spears, but explorers had swords, armor, horses, and guns. They did not stand a chance.

What were some pros and cons of Amerigo Vespucci?

He Found the Americas which gave us America today found the Americas which gave us America todaypro He was nicer to the Native Americans over Christopher Columbus but he also wasn't the nicest and he did enslaved natives con

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Why was moral for European nations to claim lands in the Americas that were already inhabited by natives Why or why not?


Who was the first one to see the pacific ocean from the Americas?

The first EUROPEAN to see the Pacific Ocean from the Americas was Balboa. Presumably the natives had noticed it once or twice before.

When was the first European contact with the natives?

The first European contact with native populations in the Americas is typically considered to have occurred in 1492 when Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean islands.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries what were some of the greatest differences between the European culture and the natives culture of the Americas?


other South American natives and the regions they inhabited?

The number of South American natives in regions that were inhabited by a certain group of people is deep pendant upon the group of people that is being inquired about. The Spanish inhabited many many South American natives and regions.

By the time of European contact in 1492 approximately how many people inhabited the American continents?

Although no one can know for sure, it is believed there were upwards of twenty five million natives on the continents.

How did the European exploration affect the Americas and Africa?

European exploration in the Americas resulted in a decline of populations due to diseases brought to the New World to which the natives had no immunity. For Africans, this exploration saw the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade where millions were captured and resettled in the Americas.

Do fennec foxes eat cactus?

No, cacti are natives of the Americas and the fennec is from Africa.

What effects did disease have on the European conquest of America?

European diseases killed many native Americans because they the natives Americans weren't exposed to the many diseases the Europeans had built up a tolerance for. This made it much easier for the Europeans to conquer the Americas because the natives put up less of a resistance.

What were the major differences between Spanish and French efforts to colonize the New world?

The main difference between France and Spain and their colonization of the Americas was how they treated the natives. Initially, Spain's reason for settling in the Americas was to acquire the gold, silver and precious gems that could be mined on these continents. The natives were initially treated as slaves, and this harsh treatment, coupled with the passing of European diseases to the natives, who had no immunity, decimated the population. The French treated the Native Americans very admirably. They entered business partnerships with them, treated them as equals, and had no qualms about intermarrying with the natives.

What types of cactus plants are in the Sahara Desert?

Cacti are native to the Americas and are not found naturally in the Sahara Desert.

What was Christopher Columbus legacy?

Dead natives in the Americas, and the slave trade.