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It was a sign of the times and the struggle between workers rights, the Labor movement and capitalism as practiced by the rich and powerful. Earlier events like the Colorado Ludlow Massacre on 14 April 1914 had gone unpunished by law or economic sanctions and "Government" clearly sided with management in all such affairs (or was in their pocket).

The Arizona Labor conflicts were certainly different in some respects because the agrieved were primarily Hisppanic laborers. The fact that they were kidnapped, held under duress without food or water and sent by box car across the desert to New Mexico under the threat of return and die orders is especially painful to historians.

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Q: Why was the Bisbee Deportation important in Arizona history?
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What was true of the Bisbee Deportation?

Mexican Americans were targeted.

Which is true about the Bisbee deportation?

Mexican Americans were targeted. -Apex

What was tje Bisbee deportation?

Mexican Americans were targeted- aPeX

What was the result of the bisbee deportation?

A presidential commission found it illegal.

What resulted immigrants being forced to leave areas they settled in?

Bisbee deportation, Emma Goldman's deportation, Palmer raids.

What is a bisbee blue?

A bisbee blue is a form of turquoise which comes from copper mines located near Bisbee, Arizona.

What is the name of the largest mining company in Bisbee during the time of the deportation?

Phelps Dodge

Which union was well known for its socialist and communist ideas during the bisbee deportation?


What was true about the bisbee deportation?

Mexican Americans were targeted. (apex- answers may varie)

Who was the President of Phelps Dodge during the Bisbee Deportation?

The president was Walter Douglas (1870-1946), younger son of James Douglas Sr, who helped Phelps Dodge to amass a fortune in Arizona mining.

Where is the Powers Ranch in Bisbee Arizona?


County seat for Cochise County Arizona?