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1. firstly the Simon commission, which had no Indian members, was sent to investigate India's constitutional problems and make recommendations to the government on the future constitution of India, it provoked Indians as it had no Indian member. Indians felt this embarrassing and so boycotted the Simon commission.

2. Muslims clearly demanded sindh to be separated from Bombay in the Delhi proposals whereas British put down that demand of Muslims and thus enraged the Muslims who then stood for the opposition

3.. separate electorates and federal system of government was introduced, this made the congress go mad who were against this system. and so they opposed Simon commission.

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Q: Why was the Simon commission boycotted by the Indians?
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Was the Simon Commission a Success or Failure?

The Simon Commission was considered to be a success eventually.

When was the Simon commission appointed?

In 1927 Simon commission was appointed ans by nitin verma

What was the Simon comission?

simon commisionwqas a type of commission set by british to see the political standard of a country it was also send to india to review the political conditions of india

How do you you use boycott in a sentence?

Some of the Indians boycotted during the 1900's.

What were the slogans for Simon commission?

Indian united guest Simon go back

Why was Simon commission sent to subcontinent?


When was Simon commission set up?

Simon commission was called off because by british to invite sir john Simon for a commission called off Simon commission.It was set up to reform the Indian constitution, and to know what was wrong with the law and order the situation ti come up with new reforms.

State the main objective behind the simon commission in 1928?

The main objective behind the Simon commission in 1928 was to write Indian proposals for constitutional reforms.

What is the date of Simon commission visited in India?


Which is one way that Indians practiced nonviolent resistance in an attempt to gain independence from Britain?

They boycotted British products.

What was the official name of the commonly known Simon Commission appointed to revise the Act of 1919?

Indian Statutory Commission.

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