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Two reasons- the first was fashion, rather like some women in African tribes massively lengthen their necks with lots of necklaces from an early age, or have very large earlobes due to having worn heavy earrings from early childhood. Foot-binding was regarded as a desirable trait in a woman and seen as sexually attractive, although the unbound foot more closely resembled a hoof than anything else.

The other, and probably main, reason, was to restrict women's movements. It was a way of keeping women confined by making it difficult for them to walk, meaning that they could not participate in society as men did, and were thus unable to rise to any prominent position in society or to attend any centres of education, preventing them from becoming professionals in any area.

The practice was finally made illegal in the early 20th Century under the Kuomintang, established by Sun Yat-Sen- this was effectively a democratic Parliament and he can be seen as China's first really autonomous Prime Minister.

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because it was the inly way for a woman to marry

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because the Chinese empress of the shang dynasty had small feet and people wanted to follow her so they bound womens feet to make them small

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Q: Why was the painful practice of foot binding tolerated for thousands of years?
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Why was foot binding tolerated for 1000 years?

The females in China had bound feet so that the feet couldnt grow, and would remain small even at at adult age. The process was extremely painful for the women. The reason this is done is because when the female gets married, if they try to run away they can't because their feet are too small meaning they will be slow runners. The husband will then catch up to them easily.

Did The Joy Luck Club mention foot binding?

Yes, foot binding is briefly mentioned in The Joy Luck Club, in the context of Old China customs and the struggles faced by Chinese women. The novel highlights the lasting impacts of this painful practice on the characters and their relationships.

The song dynastys custom of binding the feet of newborn Chinese girls was?

painful and crippling

The Song dynasty's custom of binding the feet of newborn Chinese girls was?

painful and crippling

What was the ancient Chinese custom the affected women and was considered beautiful but was painful and often crippling?

Foot binding

Is binding infants's feet a painful process?

Yes, binding infants' feet is a painful and harmful process. It involves tightly wrapping the feet to prevent normal growth and development, leading to deformities and lifelong physical health issues. It has been widely condemned and is no longer practiced.

The ancient Chinese custom that affected women which was considered beautiful and feminine but painful and often crippling?

The binding of the Feet was a custom of the upper class in China. It may have started as early as the 13th Century, and is known to have continued in a limited fashion into the 1950's. More than just binding was involved. The arch of the foot had to be broken prior to the binding! This was a very painful process.

What was the ancient Chinese custom that affected women which was considered beautiful and feminine but painful and often crippling?

Foot binding

What is foot binding?

Chinese foot binding is a practice whereby women force very painful and tight bandages to keep their feet small whilst growing up. It is primarily done for vanity reasons.

What is so wrong about foot binding?

the point of foot binding was to make womens feet smaller by tying them up while they were developing. This made it difficult and painful to walk in later life, which restricted the freedom of the women who had their feet bound.

How long did foot binding last?

In 1911, a nev Revolution banned the painful, unbearable process of footbinding to almost all the poor innocent girls in China. Thanks to that Revolution, all girls in China are leading a better, unpainful life!! :-)

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