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As the colonies grew, so did the population of people in the back-country as the planters grew in prosperity and power threatened to shift from the low country. Before this time, the back country settlements and farms had remained small in comparison to the low country plantations. Therefore, the low countries interests were seen as being more important in the decisions made for the benefit of the colony. The back-country settlers were such an annoyance to the colonial government because they didn't want to be part of a government grounded in low country interests.

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because they liked to grow tobacco everywhere.

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Q: Why were back-country settlers such an annoyance to colonial government?
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What was the term that refers to the wilderness area of Georgia that attracted large numbers of Scots-Irish settlers during the colonial period?


What was the regulator movement?

In South Carolina, the Regulator movement was an organized effort by backcountry settlers to restore Law and Order and establish institutions of local government.

Which kind of colonial government was most disliked by settlers?

Royal colonies type of colonial government was most disliked by settlers. These colonies were under direct supervision of the King.

What did settlers have to do in order to farm the backcountry?

Settlers had to break up ground and clear timber in order to farm the backcountry. Much of the land was in forest.

Describe the relationship backcountry settlers had with Indians?

A series of treaties were made with the Indians. These treaties attracted settlers to go deeper into the mountains of the backcountry.

What did settlers have to domin order to farm the backcountry?

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Why did settlers first go to the backcountry?

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What resources did settlers find in the backcountry?

Springs and streams provided water.

What conflict in colonial Virginia showed settlers were not willing to be restricted by government policy?

Bacon's Rebellion.

What was life like for settlers in Virginia and Carolina backcountry?

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How was life different for tidewater settlers and backcountry settlers?

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With whom did the Backcountry settlers have conflicts?

The Native American tribes, because the settlers pressured the Natives move off the land they wanted to settle.