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Boys were treated differently than girls because in earlier days, girls did not have the same rights as boys. It was thought that boys were better than girls and therefor could do things better than girls.

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They don't! Girls are continually rewarded for being girls throughout their lives whereas boys are raised to pamper and privilege girls as though girls are something golden compared to themselves. When was the last time you ever saw a girl pay for a date?... Or buy HIM an expensive ring?... Or hold the door open for her boyfriend/husband? And have females been conscripted/drafted into unpopular wars like Vietnam? Nope. Only males are seen as expendable and having less inherent value than females so only males are sent off to fight and die - for whom? Women. And when a ship sinks, which gender is show privilege and mercy? Women. Men go down with the ship and die. Our current system is made to look like Patriarchy but it's built around Matriarchy.

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it posably because they look diffrent but boy and girls have simularites like our organs

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Boys and girls are NOT the same.

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Because girls act like they deserve everything

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Q: Why were boys treated differently than girls?
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so humans can reproduce

How come girls get treated better than boys?

boys think their better because they think their so cool , popular and sexy... Also, boys think "boys" are stronger because of gender!! But the truth is, is that girl's are actually stronger because they're the ones that give birth! And that hurts! Plus, girl's have Aunt Flow's (".s/periods) that are very painful!

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Girls are treated better than boys because they are usually more polite and at the younger age smarter.So in that case they get more attention.And also they are more emotional.

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Boys brains chemically work different than girls. The attention span is shorter. They just work differently than females.

Are boys and girls treated equally?

Ideally, boys and girls should be treated equally in all aspects of life, such as in education, opportunities, and expectations. However, in many societies, there are still systemic barriers and social norms that result in unequal treatment based on gender. Efforts to challenge and overcome these inequalities are ongoing.

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Do girls better than boys yes girls are better than boys?

answerno boys are not better than girls because girls are smarter than the boys(noooooo!!!!)

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone, regardless of gender, thinks differently based on their individual experiences, beliefs, and perspectives. However, societal norms and expectations can shape how individuals perceive gender differences in thinking patterns. It is essential to avoid generalizations and instead recognize and appreciate the diversity of thoughts and perspectives within and across genders.

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Boys are much smarter than girls

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their are more girls than boys

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