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The stated reason was to preserve and protect the French Revolution from being overthrown by Royalists and moderates.

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They were considered to be of less value as hostages than they were as symbols of the Monarchy who offered a potential threat to the French Revolution.

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Q: Why were people killed in the French Revolution?
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How many people got killed during the French Revolution?

Approximately 40.000.

Who was killed in the french revolution?


What was the impact that the french revolution had in Italy?

the bastardsdidnt speak the same language so they killed people...

What caused the September Massacre during the French Revolution?

The people of Paris didn't want a counter-revolution from the clergy who were imprisoned, so they killed them.

What were the main ways people were killed in the french revolution?

They were be-headed primarily with a radically converted Qualcast lawn mower

Was the French Revolution of 1789 peaceful or violent?

French Revolution was very violent, many people were killed in the riots and later many were executed in the name of the Republic, beside many Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Did people have rights during the french revolution?

Yes, people did have rights during the french revolution.

Did the french revolution have an impact on Marie Antoinette's life?

She was killed because of it.

What difference did the French revolution make to France?

The French revolution changed the government and whole set of beliefs France was founded upon. The French monarchy became a French republic. Thousands of aristocrats and lower class people were killed.

Who killed Marat during radical phase of French Revolution?

Charlotte Corday

How many king were beheaded in french revolution?

4,000 royals were killed

How did Marie Antoinette help the French Revolution.?

Marie Antoinette did not help the French Revolution. As the queen, she was against the revolution and did not support the revolt of her people.