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the British thought the French were were secretly loyal to France so they forced them to leave

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Q: Why were people of French descent exiled from Acadia?
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How life in Acadia change between 1755 and 1763?

people of french descent were exiled. i know this for a fact.

How did life in Acadia change between 1755 and 1763?

people of french descent were exiled. i know this for a fact.

What does Cajun descent mean?

If a person is said to have Cajun descent, that person is believed to be descended from the Cajuns of Louisiana. These are French-speaking people who came to live in the backwoods of Louisiana after being forcibly removed from the former French colony of Acadia (in what is now Canada) after the French and Indian War in the 1740s.

What descent are most of people in Canada?

Canada first belonged to the french, then british. So Canadians are descended from either british or french. that is why many people in Canada speak French.

What is it called when you are exiled from your people?

Exiled or banished.

How many french people live in Alaska?

French-speaking Alaskans number around 30,000 (4.2 % of the population), and around 125,000 people in Alaska (18%of the population), are from French descent.

Can you be of German Jewish descent?

Yes, just as there are people of French Jewish and Russian Jewish descent. A term like German Jewish descent implies that the ancestors were Jewish and were from German cultural regions in Europe.

How many people speak french in Canada?

Roughly 7.2 million people in Canada speak French as their first language, primarily in the province of Quebec but also in parts of other provinces. Additionally, over half a million Canadians speak French as a second language.

Why did Jewish people live in minorities?

When we were exiled from Israel, it was unavoidable.After we were exiled from Israel, it was unavoidable.

Are people from Haiti black?

people from haiti are actually ancestors of the French who occupied the island in colonial times and black and native slaves. so yes most of are african/french descent.

What are the Cajun?

Cajun is the name given to French people settled in Louisiana. The name is a corruption of Acadian, as the ancestors of these Cajun people had been forcibly relocated from Acadia (in Nova Scotia, Canada) to Louisiana, USA.

How did the Rise of bourgeouise lead to the French revolution?

The Nobles fled the country, the clergy was jailed and exiled and the people tried to put the nation back in order.