Why were people scared of the highway men?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because u could get robbed or killed cause they're visous soilders from the civil war ;)

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Q: Why were people scared of the highway men?
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Who did the highway men rob?

rich people

Why were they called the 'highway men'?

B/c they robbed people travelling along the highway.

How did highway men get their name?

They robbed people who were travelling on the highways.

Why did people become highway men?

I think people became highway men as they were poor, so they decided to start robbing from the sides of the highway. This made them rich as well as wanted! however if they were to be caught they could face been shot or hanged!

Do older divorced men get scared at relationships?

Yes, older divorced men get scared of relationships. However, all people are scared of relationships. Love is a risk and you have to open up and trust to have successful relationships.

When was The Highway Men created?

The Highway Men was created in 2006.

Who sung the song the highway men?

Im pretty sure it was sung by the band The highway men

The origion of highway robbery its a idiom?

when highway men roamed the streets, in the 16th century people were often robbed by the ferociouso men and to this day when something is extremely high priced it is known as a highway robbery, because the buyer feels like they are being robbed.

What do highway men do?

they rob you

Where did the highway men exist?

Highway men existed as they were robbers by profession, who robbed travelers on the way, they would wait in the dark and rob people as these roads were dark and lonely. If you refused to hand over your valuables, they even killed you.

Were did the highway men live?

in a house

How many highway men were there?