Why were the Serbs bad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Although some of them committed ethnic massacres but not all of them bad.

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Q: Why were the Serbs bad?
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What Selena Gomez thoughts about Serbs?

Serbs are like any other people so she thinks good about serbs

When was Party of Danube Serbs created?

Party of Danube Serbs was created in 1998.

How are the serbs and croats different?

Croats are Roman Catholic and the Serbs are Orthodox Catholic

When was Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia created?

Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia was created in 1992.

Why is Vojvodina not Indepedent from Serbia?

Most citizens of province of Vojvodina are Serbs, like rest of Serbia (Kosovo excluded, where only few thousand Serbs left in enclaves after USA campaign). Therefor, Serbs from Vojvodina do not need separation from Serbs from central Serbia.

Are serbs Christian?

AnswerSerbians are generally Christians. It is the Bosnians who are majority Muslim.

Do Serbs hate Jews?

No, they are not.

Are Serbs white?

yes, they are!

Why was The Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand assassinated by the Serbs?

he was assassinated by Serbia because the Serbs wanted Austria as their land

Why did the Greeks and Serbs revolt?

Both the Serbs and Greeks(Macedonians) claimed ownership of the land they lived on, which was controlled by Yugoslavia.

When did World War II persecution of Serbs happen?

World War II persecution of Serbs happened in 1941.

Who are the indigenous people of Serbia?

They are Serbs.