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Because they were close associates with mutual interests and they supported each other.

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Q: Why were the first and second estate more powerful than the third?
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First Second and Third Estates?

The Third Estate was the commons or the ordinary people, the First Estate being the clergy and the Second Estate the nobility .

What percent belong to the first and second estates?

First Estate: 0.5% Second Estate: 1.5% Third Estate: 98%

Who occupied the First Second and Third Estates in France?

The First Estate was the Catholic Clergy. The Second Estate was the Nobility. The Third Estate were the working stiffs who owned property and paid taxes.

What are the three divisions of Frances social structure before the french revolution?

first estate second estate and third estate.

Describe the three estates of France Who paid the taxes?

The Catholic Clergy were the First Estate and were tax exempt. The Nobles made up the Second Estate and paid no taxes. Everyone else was in the Third Estate and paid all of the taxes.

Name the three classes in France prior to the French Revolution?

The first estate was of the clergy. The second was of the nobility, and the third was everyone else: peasants, merchants, lawyers, industrial workers, artisans,

How many levels does the system have and how many?

There are 3 estates : the first estate, the second estate, and the third estate. The third estate were the poorest in France and were mostly peasants but the first estate contains priests and religious people who are very rich

The first estate in the estates- general was?

The Clergy. The second estate was the nobility, and the third was the commoners (everyone else)

Who were those in the third estate in France in 1787-1789?

those in the third estate represented the commoners and those that did not belong in the first and second class

What estate in french revolution does a pig farmer belong to?

The third estate. The first estate was made up of the clergy, the second estate was made up of the nobles and the peasants made up the third estate.

Who were the 3 groups in the Estates General of France and identify the members of each group?

The first estate of the Estate General represented the Clergy (which is the generic term used to describe the formal religious leadership within a given religion). The second estate represented the Nobility and the third the Commoners.How many members they had remains unknown.

What percentage of people was the second estate?

2% The first estate took up 1%, and the third estate took up 97%