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Suffragettes alone weren't allowed to vote, all women could not vote. Suffragettes were only women who were protesting the lack of the right to vote.

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It didn't fail, it succeeded.
They wanted to get the vote for women, and they have it.

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Q: Why were the suffragettes not allowed to vote?
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How successful were the suffragettes at gaining the vote for women?

Women in the modern day are allowed to vote, so I would say very successful

Who were the suffragetts?

The suffragettes were a group of women who campaigned for women to have a right to vote in elections. Some ladies handcuffed them self to the Houses of Parliament but ended up behind bars. Finally the suffragettes wish was granted and now thanks to the suffragettes women now are able to take part in the elections.They were a group of women in the early 1900s that campaigned for women's rights in Britain, often in a violent way. For example, Emily Davison threw herself underneath the King's horse at the 1913 derby.

What are suffragettes exactly?

The suffragettes were a group of women in the later part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century who were lobbying for women to be allowed to vote. They were not the only group of women who were trying to do this, but the term suffragette is mainly used to denote a group of women who were more militant in there methods of protest and lobbying. They were active in the United Kingdom mostly, but also in Australia and New Zealand. There famous slogan was "Votes for Women!" In the United States women who were lobbying for the right to vote used the term suffragist. Both terms come from the word suffrage which is the right to vote. New Zealand was the first country in modern times to give women the right to vote; this happened in 1893. However, various countries and republics had allowed women to vote at various points in history which later was taken away.

What different factors helped women to gain the right to vote in 1918?

the main factors as to why women got the vote were as follows: the campaign of the suffragists, the campaign of the suffragettes and the role of women in world war 1

Why did the Suffragettes not Gain Suffrage before World War 1?

Women did not gain the vote before the war because men thought that women would take over politically and gain more civil rights than men.

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What did the suffragettes vote for?

Suffragettes passed on the suffragette movement as that time women were not allowed to vote in parliament. The suffragette movement was to allow women to vote in parliament.

Where did the suffragettes strike?

in the US because women were not allowed to vote there until 1923

Why did woman want to vote?

The suffragettes believed that women had the same value and rights as men. They won the authority for all women to be allowed to vote.

What is the Australian suffragettes?

the aussie suffragettes were a group of wemon wanting the right to vote

Did the suffragettes win the vote?


What did women gain the right to vote?

The Suffragettes

How did people join the suffragettes?

While there were societies and associationsof suffragettes, suffragettes were simply women who actively supported granting women the vote. To join was simply to do.

How are suffragettes better than suffragists?

The suffragettes (female) did not have the right to vote (prior to the enactment of the 19th amendment). Men (including minorities) did have the right to vote. By the early 1900s, women were still being excluded from this right, however.

What did the suffer jets do?

Suffragettes fought for the right for women to vote.

What kind of people were suffragettes?

Suffragetes were British feminists- i.e. members of a feminist movement who fought for the right of an adult women to vote in elections. (Emmeline Pankhurst was the founder in 1903). After several failures they started to use military methods, e.g. demonstrations, disturbance of Parliament sessions, hunger strikes. Finally they wonin 1918: women were allowed to vote (regarding their educational and property census) who were over 30. From 1921, women over 21 were allowed to vote.

How old do suffragettes have to be to vote?

when women got the vote after WW1 they had to be married and over thirty years old.

Why the suffragettes formed?

so that women could win the right to vote! (The term for the right to vote is "suffrage".)