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The countries of the United States and Canada condemned the attack against Belgium because it was done by the Germans who were part of the allied forces. The attack was unprovoked and the Germans murdered many civilians for no reason.

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Q: Why would US and Canada condemn the German attack against belgium?
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What brought Britain into War World 1?

The German violation of Belgian neutrality (invasion of Belgium).

Where did the Germans invade to start world war 1?

The question as posed does not really make sense. It was the Russian defense of Serbia against Austria-Hungary's invasion that started World War 1. The German declaration of war against Russia then triggered the alliance of the Triple Entente, expanding the reach of the conflict. Once the Triple Entente was involved, the Germans wanted to invade France. But in order to do so and outflank the French forces on the German/French border, they had to invade the north of France, going first through Belgium. So Belgium was the first country to be invaded.

Why did entente powers join the world war 1?

Russia was the country widen the Austro-Serbian conflict into a full-scale regional war when it came to little Serbia's defense against empiric Austria-Hungary. France joined the war because of its alliance with Russia and the projected German invasion. Britain came in when Belgium was invaded by Germany, who violated a treaty that compelled Britain's defense of Belgium in such a case.

Which event caused Britain enter worls war 1?

The German invasion of Belgium was the official reason for Britain joining the war.

What country entered World War 1 after Germany invaded France?

Britain entered the war as a result of the German invasion of Belgium, as Britain had a defense treaty with Belgium (Britain wanted to enter the war and found a 100 year old treaty to use as pretext). Italy, who was allied with Germany before the war, did not enter on the German side as they had a defense pact, and joined with the Entente powers with promises of German and Austrian colonies and territory.

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Why would countries such as the US and Canada condemn the German attack against Belgium?

One reason for countries such as the US and Canada to condemn the attack against Belgium by the Germans was because it gave the Germans a better position to attack France. Also during the attack the Germans killed many innocent people.

Why would countries such as the US and Canada condemn the German attackagainst belgium?

Canada was a colony of Britain and United States was an ally at the time of WWI. They would condemn Germany Belgium because Belgium was not involved in the war and was a neutral country in the world's eye and it was pointless to attack Belgium. Also, Belgium had a secret alliance with Britain, which could create further problems. When Britain would participate in the war, being a Colony and an ally of Britain, Canada, and US would have to participate too. This would be a sheer waste of resources and millions would die.

What was The sympathy of a majority of Americans for the Allies and against Germany was especially conditioned by?

the German invasion of neutral Belgium

In what European countries is French spoken?

French is spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, and parts of Canada.

How do you say Belgium in German?

Belgium = Belgien;

Where do they speak German in Belgium?

German is the least spoken official language in Belgium, spoken natively by less than 1% of the population. German is spoken in the east of Belgium.

When was German-speaking Community of Belgium created?

German-speaking Community of Belgium was created in 1984.

What is the German name of Belgium country?

Belgium = Belgien

Why did invasion of Belgium turn American opinion against Germany?

American public opinion turned against Germany in WW One & WW Two for various reasons. In WW1, Germany invaded France & Belgium in August 1914. Because, Belgium was a neutral country, Americans were upset with Germany. The invasion of Belgium however was not the most important factor. Later, German unrestricted submarine warfare also turned American public opinion against Germany. Then as a final straw, the German's Zimmermann telegram message to Mexico further angered Americans. In WW2, Germany invaded Poland, neutral Denmark, neutral Norway, neutral Holland, neutral Belgium, and so forth on & on. German submarine warfare also turned public opinion against Germany.

Are there two countries with more than one official language?

Yes, countries like Canada and Belgium have more than one official language. Canada recognizes English and French as its official languages, while Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German.

Who German lightning war strategy defeate?

The German Blitzkrieg was successful in Poland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Yugoslavia & Greece. It was unsuccessful against the Soviet Union and unsuccessful against the British Commonwealth in North Africa.

What was the nation through which German armies twice invaded France in World War 2?

belgium belgium