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they might

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Q: Will the NDP ever win an election in Canada?
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Who will win the 2015 election in Canada?

Steven Harper will win because he is the only one could run Canada

Did george washington win every election he was ever in?

no he wasnt

Did James Garfield ever win a president election?

Yes. Garfield won the Election of 1880.

What are the stages to becoming an MP in Canada?

You need to win an MP election that happens usually every 4-5 years.

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I believe that Obama should win, but that's just my opinion. You can think what ever you like but that won't change me AT ALL.

What record did John F. Kennedy make when he came to office?

He is the youngest person ever to win a U.S. Presidential Election.

How many ecetorl votes does it take to win a presedential election?

A candidate must win 270 of the 538 votes to win the election.

Why does western Canada always win while nothing seems to ever come to eastern Canada ever or just a token?

Western Canadians will tell you that it's the other way around. What are you referring to?

How does the US senator get elected?

first: win the party nomination second: win the primary election if there is one last: win the general election

Who will win this Election?


Why did the democrats win the 2012 election?

because republicans didn't put forth every thing the had to win the election