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Unfortunetley no due to the director of itv Unfortunetley no due to the director of itv I think that is so dissapointing, if they just made the story line less predictable, and cheesy, it would be great. They have some cool songs on there too.

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Q: Will there be a second series of britannia high?
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Is Britannia High coming back?

No, there will be no second season

Will there be a series two of Britannia High?

yes i think so i hope so

Is britannia high Britain's high school musical?

High School Musical is a Disney film, or rather, a number of films, based on the lives of students in a music/performing arts school. Britannia High is a British Television (ITV) series, also based on students and characters in a music/performing arts school. Britannia High has been compared with High School Musical (and Fame), but the storyline differs.

Where is Britannia High located?

Brittania High was actually a British musical drama that was a made for television series. The country of origin for Brittania High is the United Kingdom.

Is there another series of britannia high?

I bloody hope so! Mitch Hewer is so hot(L) x

When is the new britannia high starting?

Britannia High has been canceled. There will be no new episodes of the show.

When was Proud - Britannia High song - created?

Proud - Britannia High song - was created in 2008.

When was Britannia High - soundtrack - created?

Britannia High - soundtrack - was created on 2008-11-24.

Who plays Jez from britannia high?

Matthew James Thomas plays Jez fom Britannia High

What are the ratings and certificates for Britannia High - 2008?

Britannia High - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp Australia:PG

What movie and television projects has Callum Powell been in?

Callum Powell has: Played Dancer in "Britannia High" in 2008. Played Garth in "Britannia High" in 2008. Played Ensemble Dancer in "Britannia High" in 2008. Played himself in "Britannia High" in 2008. Played Callum in "Brighton Parkour" in 2010.

Is Britannia high cancelled?

21st of September officially.................................hi this is a differant person but do you mean 2009 or 2010???