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the historiographical traditions in early India.

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the historiographical traditions in early India.

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Q: Write a note on the historiographical traditions in early India?
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The traditions of their early forefathers. From the beginning, they had parchments on which their early traditions were recorded (midrash Shemot Rabbah 5:18) which they studied regularly (ibid).

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The Dravidians and the Aryans were the first people to settle in Early India

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A:The antiquity of Christian communities in India, along with the origins of Christian institutions, is not easy to identify, trace or understand. What is certain is that Christianity began in India quite early, perhaps in the second century. Acts of Thomas,a romantic tale of questionable historicity, provides an account of the Apostle Thomas in India. Traditions among the ''Thomas Christians' of India say that the Apostle Thomas came by sea from Arabia and landed on the Malabar coast. Alternatively, they have shown that he came overland, down from the north. Whatever the historicity of such indigenous traditions, there can be no question as to their great antiquity or to their great appeal in popular imagination.

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