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Lady Amy Amptyll Empson was born in 1540. Her parents were John Amptyll and Amy Smith. Her mother also named Amy was a direct relative to the Carringtons and Montagues who still hold positions throughout Westminster. Lady Amy was married on Nov. 5, 1564 Thomas Empson whose grandfather was Sir Richard Empson a key Minister to Henry 7th. Princess Diana was a decendant of His great aunts-- Anne and Elizabeth. Lady Amy conceived 13 children. Lady Amy was a Lady of the Bedchamber for Queen Elizabeth 1. Lady Amy died on May 29, 1611. She was buried at St. Margarets church, Middlesex, Westminster, England which was the same place she was born and was married.

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Q: You are looking for information on a Grandmother Amy Amptyll Empson 1540-1611 who was a Lady of the Bedchamber for Queen Elizabeth 1?
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