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a watch

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Q: You went o the city you stopped there you never went thereand you came back again?
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When did Germany stop paying reparations after World War 1?

Well They stopped paying it when Hitler was Chancellor, but then after WW2 they had to start paying it back again and finished in 2010.

What are some of the forms of ancient sacrifices in Europe?

In 1075 AD one ancient sacrifice was the mass destruction of Britain by the Waka Waka Indians of the planet doomsville. They came down in their spaceships and blew up Britain. However Queen Waka Waka was killed by the Duke of York and the invaders fled back to their planet of doomsville. Then in 1556 AD they came back and attacked again but they were stopped by the Soviet Red Army and since then they never returned. This is why the US and many other countries have nukes. In case the Waka Waka Indians returned we can blow them up and send them back to doomsville.

What waslife like in Britain during ww1?

it was hard for people to cope knowing that there loved ones were fighting at war and that they may never see them again.76% of loved ones did unfortunately die however, the men that came back and had fighted were rewarded. By Paige standen.

What is the meaning of To turn ones back to the world?

Deny, reject; also abandon, forsake. For example, I can't turn my back on my own daughter, no matter what she's done, or He simply turned his back on them and never gave it a second thought.

How did the glorious revolution show that Parliament had gained more power than the monarch?

Because King James II fled the country and never dared come back.

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You went to the city you stopped there you never went there and you came back again?

a watch

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Well, can you go back in time and get back the time you lost?