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At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, George Washington was chosen to preside over the proceedings. The convention was one of the greatest events in United States history, because the United States Constitution was created there. The convention had been called under the pretext of revising the Articles of Confederation, but it was determined that an entirely new and thorough document was needed.

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The man who served as president of the constitutional convention was George Washington. He went on to serve as the 1st president of the United States from 1789 to 1797.

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George Washington served as president of the Constitutional Convention.

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Q: 12 The man who served as president of the Constitutional Convention was?
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The man who served as president of the constitutional convention was Alexander hamilton Thomas Jefferson James Madison George Washington?

IT was George Washington goodluck :)

The man who served as president of the constitution convention was?

george washington.

Which man wrote the Declaration of Independence's was not at the constitutional convention?

which man wrote the declaration of independence's was not at the constitutional convention

Who is the man whose picture appears on US dollar bill?

The Leader of the Continental Army during the Revolution, and President of the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and the First President of the Constitutional United States George Washington

What man was not present at the Constitutional Convention?

Patrick Henry

Man whose notes tell us much of what happened at the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison was the man who arrived 3 months earlier to begin the blueprints on the constitution and was also the man who took detailed notes at the constitutional convention.

Was Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson responsibe for looking after the interest of the common man at the Constitutional Convention?

No. Neither of them were there

What year was benjarmin fraklin president?

He never was president. When he attended the constitutional convention he was in the oldest man there. He no longer could walk and was carried each day on a Sudan chair held by prisoners from the jail. He was such a talker and character by then that he was assigned two people to make sure he wouldn't talk about the convention at the pub. He liked his ale each night.

What qualifications made Washington become the 1st president?

Washington was very well respected. He had started his political career in the Virginia House of Burgesses and when the revolution started he was commander of American forces. At the constitutional convention he sat as it's president and to the delegates he was the only man that could be considered for president.

Which man came to the Constitutional Convention with the Virginia Plan and later wrote the bulk of the Constitution itself?

James Madison

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Who was the longest surviving founding father?

The longest surviving founding father that signed the Constitution was James Madison. James Madison died in 1836, but not before becoming our nations fourth President. He was the youngest man in the Constitutional Convention that met in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1787.