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What is the question? Is there such a thing or do you have one? I have one.

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Q: 1896 one dollar silver certificate with george and Martha Washington on front?
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When did people start making dollar bills?

1885 was the year the first dollar bill was made. Back then the were called sliver certificate's. The first bills had pictures of George Washington, Martha Washington and early presidents.

George Washington wife?

George Washington married the widow Martha Custis in 1759.

What was Martha Washington for?

Martha Washington was remebered for being George Washington's wife.

Did George Washington get anthrax?

George Washington was married to Martha Washington

Who is is George Washington married to?

George Washington was married to Martha Washington

Who was George Washington the husband of?

George Washington's wife was Martha Washington.

Where did Washington and Martha lived?

George and Martha Washington lived in Virginia.

What was george washingtons wife?

George Washington was married to Martha Washington. She was the very first Lady, and they were married for forty years until he died in 1799.

Who did George Washington Mary?

Martha Washington

Who is Martha who knew President Washington?

Mrs. George Washington, who was named Martha, is one Martha that knew him.

Who was Martha Washington and what was her life like?

Martha Washington was George Washington's first wife. Her life after she married George Washington, she felt trapped like in prison.

Is Martha Washington older than George Washington?

George washinton was only about 7 months younger then his wife Martha.