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Martha Dandridge Custis

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Q: George Washington married Martha Dandridge
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Is George Washingtons married?

George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis, a widower with two chilldren

What was George Washington's wife last name?

Martha's maiden name was Dandridge. She then married Daniel Parke Custis, who was 20 years her senior; Custis died 7 years later.When Martha married George Washington, 2 years after her first husband died, she was known as Martha Dandridge Custis.

Who did George Washington get married to?

He married Martha Dandridge Custis

George Washington wife?

George Washington married the widow Martha Custis in 1759.

What was Mrs Washington's name?

Martha Dandridge was her maiden name. She was a a widow , known as Martha Custis, when she married George.

What was George vwashington wife's name?

George Washington was married to Martha Dandridge Custis Washington

Was George Washington married?

Yes, George Washington was married to Martha Dandridge Custis, a widow with two children.

Who did george washingtom marry?

He married Martha Washington. Her maiden name was Martha Dandridge.

What was george washingtons wife?

George Washington was married to Martha Washington. She was the very first Lady, and they were married for forty years until he died in 1799.

Who did George Washington gt married to?

George Washington married a widow,with 2 children, Martha Custis, nee Dandridge.

What age was Martha Custis when she married George Washington?

Martha Dandridge Custis was 27 when she married George Washington in 1759. Washington was her second husband; her first died when she was 25.

Was George Washington married to anyone?

Yes. His wife was Martha Dandridge Custis