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Q: 5 Most Important Qualities your President Needs To Possess?
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What qualities are needed for work in retail?

If one is interested in working in retail it is necessary to possess the certain qualities. One needs to be a good communicator, good at following directions, and efficient at managing time.

Why is it important that the president have power to appoint official?

It is important because the president needs loyal subordinates that support the policies of the presidents administration.

Why is the 20th amendment important?

The 20th amendment sets out the term limits for the president, which is important because even the president needs rules. It also describes who becomes president if something happens to him.

Why is it important to know the order of succession of a president dies in office?

When a president dies, it is important for someone to take his place. That should be the vice president. However, if an attack happened and the vice president dies with the president, there is a protocol for who gets the job next. That person has to have the nuclear launch codes and needs to take charge of the military. A president has a big job and someone needs to be our leader.

Why is it important for the president to have advisors help him or make decisions?

A president needs to hear what experts have to say and to make decisions based on fact.

What are some of the most important qualities of a plant soil?

In general, the three most important qualities of soil are: 1. Nutritional content 2. Water holding capacity 3. Aeration Other important qualities to consider: 4. Micro-organisms present 5. Organic or non-organic 6. Soil PH The type and the number of plants that will be growing in the soil are very important and need to be considered when deciding which soil qualities are most important. Almost all plants, just like people, have different needs so make sure you know what they are.

What is the number one characteristic that a scientist needs to possess?


What are some of the qualities needed to be considered for the presidential candidacy?

For one to become a president candidate, one needs to meet a few absolute requirements. They must be a natural born citizen, be more than 35 years of age, have lived in the United states for more than 14 years, and has not served more than two presidential terms. After these requirements are met, a president needs qualities such as charisma and logical decision making in order to be a suitable candidate.

What are two qualities that every president should have Tell me why?

The courage to make unpopular decisions and crisis management skills. The first is very important because our country is very divided among party lines and most decisions will be unsupported by one side. The president needs to be able to make the right choice even if not everyone agrees. He or she also needs to have crisis management skills because tragedies like 9/11 may happen and they must know how to handle it.

What qualities do you needs to be a sales assistance in a shoe shop?


Its important that you are here tomorrow?

It's important you are here tomorrow because you are important to the world and don't think I'm lying. You have unique qualities that everyone needs. There is people that think you are important and could not live with out you. You just need to find these people and then you will see you are important to be standing here today and tomorrow.

Who needs to have the same requirements as the president?

A vice president