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republican democracy

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Q: A form of government that involves popular control of government by the people through elected officials?
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Is comprised of five popularly elected officials who form the city council pass ordinances and control local government?

commission government

Who is the government of colarodo?

The elected officials.

A government in which officials are elected by the people is called a?

representative government

Do territorial government have to have elected officials?


What is the characteristics of democracy socialism and republic?

A democracy involves characteristics such as power and civic responsibility being exercised through elected officials. Socialism involves government ownership of productive resources, and a republic implies that an elected official is referred to as the head of state.

What was the government of rome that was ran by select officials?

I guess you mean elected officials. It was the government of the Roman Republic.

How is America Republic?

A republic is a system of government where elected officials represent the people of the country. America is a republic because it uses a government formed from elected officials.

A form of government run by elected officials?


What the system in which elected officials act in the interest of the people?

Representative government is the system in which elected officials act in the interest of the people.

Who do elected officials work for?

Elected officials are representatives, and ultimately they work for the people who vote for them (their constituents). As members of a government, they are employees of that government, until such time as they are replaced or voted out of office.

Descibe what an indirect democracy is?

Indirect Democracy Indirect Democracy is a political process in which the PEOPLE control the government through elected political officials.

What state officials?

A bureaucrat elected to a state government post.