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social movement

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Q: A broad effort to achieve change by citizens who feel government is not responsive to their interests is called?
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What is the responsive national state in European history?

A period of time between 1850 and 1914 characterized by governments that addressed the needs of its citizens and took steps to achieve legal equality, establish universal suffrage, and eliminate poverty.

How does government policy impact citizens?

As soon as the policy is enforced, it begins to impact people. It changes the way certain services run in order to achieve the goal in which it intended to do.

What goal did the Bill of Rights achieve?

The Bill of Rights very specifically were designed to protect American citizens from an overly zealous or abusive government.

What did progressives wish the achieve?

healthier, better educated citizens

What is forgien policy?

Foreign policy is the strategy that a government has for dealing with other nations. Each nation has their own foreign policy.

To achieve its goals what must a government enact?

The government must enact laws to achieve its goals.

How do you answer the question What are your career interests?

When you are asked what your career interests are, you should focus on the objectives you wish to achieve. This should be influenced mainly by your career path and the relevant experience that you have.

What has the author Jilin Zhang written?

Jilin Zhang has written: 'Design for variety to achieve responsive design customization based on the modeling of design flexibility'

What does the government do to help people today?

Helps us pay for development of our city. The Government does nothing for the Citizens. It is the Country Constitution and the Law that compels the Government to carve out various policies for the welfare of the Citizens. Government owes its existance under the Constitutional set up. There are important provisions that attaches the responsibilities of the State to enact the law and the policies on different subjects and whenever the contigencies may so require. At the same time, it it the duty of the Government to seek the welfare of the Citizens. The Government is, in fact, obliged to undertake various activities, which may be activities with or without economic object. The Directive principles of State policies lays down a duty upon the Government to do lot of activities touching to the welfare of the Citizens. However, these directives are not enforceable in law. And that the Government, as far as possible, may make an endeviour to achieve the object laid down there. The Government is obliged to take into consideration the principles, while framing the laws.

How did foreign policy challenge affect political debate and shape American government?

A country's foreign policy, called the international relations policy, consists of strategies chosen by the state to safeguard its national interests and to achieve its goals in international relations.

How did the rise of middle class help shape government in ancient Greece?


What kind of citizens of Athens worked together th achieve common goals?

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