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Q: A driver must first receive permission from which base agency before entering or crossing a runway?
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You are a custodial parent and you are moving to another state how will you contunie to receive child support payments?

Make sure that the courts and/or your State's child support agency knows your whereabouts. And don't forget to get the permission of the court to move.

What does the Brand Agency do?

I have never heard of the Brand Agency. Try to find them, entering Brand Agency in your browser and go from there. If still no luck, ask your local newspaper's business department.

Can the unemployment agency check your medical records without your permission?

No, an unemployment agency can't check your medical records without permission. It is illegal for a hospital or doctors office to give out any information unless you have given written consent.

Can a rental car agency pull credit report without permission?

If you have contacted the agency and applied for a rental, they have your permission to search your credit. It is a common part of all applications. even an emplyer may pull an emplyment credit report upon application for a job.

Can a collection agency take money from you without a court order?

No, they need a judgement. Otherwise, they need your permission.

How many times can a collection agency inquire on your credit report?

Unless you have given a collection agency written permission to pull a full credit report they are in violation of credit laws.

What if you child support is less than your IRS tax refund then will i receive what is left on refund?

The IRS will only take what is owed. You will receive a letter from the IRS stating that your refund will be reduced and the agency to whom the obligation is owed and a number to contact the agency. You will then receive a check/direct deposit for the remaining amount.

Can hospitals give your billing information to a out side collection agency?

Yes. A hospital may use an outside agency to collect its debts. Most patients give the hospital permission to share information with a collection agency when they sign the "boilerplate" admission forms.

How do I get permission to use a Mutt Lange song on my CD?

You should be able to get a mechanical license through the Harry Fox Agency.

When a broker assigns commissions payable to an agency can he change the assignment without the agencys permission?

Look at your contract that should have this information in it.

What is the beginning salary for a songwriter?

Songwriters do not receive a salary unless they work for an ad agency or songmill. They receive royalties based on the volume sales of their music.

Your wife moved out taking your dads vehicle without permission?

File a stolen vehicle report with your local law enforcement agency.