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This refers to the implications of constitutional government. An example is as the Constitutional Congressional Presidential Federal Republic system in the United States. It refers to a system that reflects the "rule of law, not of men". That is, a system wherein laws are routinely ultimately tested in a jurisprudential, apolitical Court of final and last resort, in the context of a defined, written constitution that comprehensively defines fundamental law, rights, liberties and obligations of a populace and coequal citizenry.

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Q: A government that is formally limited by laws and rules?
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A government formally rules by laws and rules?


Does the Philippines have a limited government?

it is limited because ppl have to follow laws and or rules..

Does Myanmar have a limited government?

Myanmar has a Limited government which means that they must obey and follow the laws and rules! Hope I helped! :)

Is Spain Limited or unlimited?

Spain is a limited government. A limited type of government is one that has provisions for people to have a voice in the laws which are created.

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Who are affected by government laws and rules?

The population is mainly affected by Government laws and regulations.

Why is Australia limited government?

Laws in Australia that the government said

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Ireland is an limited government everyone has to follow the laws even the rulers

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Limited Government:A limited government is one that is restricted to specific functions; in the case of the United States of America, those would be the functions outlined in the Constitution.Unlimited Government:An unlimited government is a government that has one dictator that makes up all the laws and the citizens have no power over the dictator.

Who are affected by laws and rules?

The population is mainly affected by Government laws and regulations.

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mom makes rule laws makes government

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what is a real life example of limited government