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The President's chief advisers are called his Cabinet.

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The chief presidential advisors are called the Cabinet. The Cabinet is apart of the Executive branch of the federal government.

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Q: A group of experts or advisors to the president are called what?
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What was the name of the group of trusted advisors president Kennedy called together?

Ex-Comm was the specific group for the Cuban Missile Crisis

What do we call group of advisors to the president?

I understand it is monarch

Does the president pick a group of 15 people called his inaugural advisors?

Not exactly- most people would call them his cabinet.

What is the group of the advisors to the governor called?


Does president of Brazil have group of advisors like a cabinet?

Yes the Team group of Presidential called Ministers are divided into areas such as education, transport, housing, electrical, communication.

What term is described as a group of advisors brought together by the President to serve his or her needs?


What was the first official group of presidential advisors called?

They were called the Dream Team

An informal group of presidential advisors is sometimes called?

Kitchen cabinet

What is the cabinet room?

Do you mean the cabinet department? A group of men and women who are the President's closest advisors?

What is the popes group of advisors called?

The curia is the Pope's group of advisers. The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church.

When was American Advisors Group created?

American Advisors Group was created in 2004.

What is the main group of advisors in the executive branch?

The Speaker of The House and the U.S Senate.