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They were called the Dream Team

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The Cabinet.

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Q: What was the first official group of presidential advisors called?
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When did the US first send advisors to Vietnam?

"Advisors" is misleading. When did the first military advisors dedicated to advising combat operations is what most are wanting to ask.

Was the White House called anything before the white house?

Yes, it was often referred to as The Presidential Mansion or The Presidential Palace. First Lady Dolley Madison referred to it as The President's Castle. The first evidence of the public referring to it as The White House was recorded in 1811. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt made The White House it's official name.

What airplane does the first lady fly?

the first lady to ride an airplane was eleanor roosevelt and amelia earhart

Who did Kennedy send to Vietnam?

At first he sent in about 50 military advisors. Later, he expanded this to more "advisors" and even military troops.

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Where. Was the first presidential inauguration held?

The first presidential inauguration was in New York City, which was the first US capital.

Which president was the first to have a presidential aircraft?

Franklin Roosevelt was the first tp have a presidential aircraft.

When did the US enter Vietnam?

If your referring to the Vietnam War, the first U.S military advisors arrived in Vietnam in 1950.

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The first presidential caucus is held in the state of Ohio. The first presidential primary is held in New Hampshire in January of the election year.