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Vice President, Speaker of the House, .. here is a link that goes into further detail

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1 president

2 vp

3 speaker of da house

that's all I know

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Q: A list of people who success if the president dies?
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Who gets to be president is the president dies list four people?

If the president dies then the vice president takes over. List -Vice president -Speaker of the HOR(House of Representitives) -Secratary of State -Secratary of Treasury -Secratary of Defense

List the succession to the presidency in case of an emergency?

Succession doesn't happen unless the president dies. but to answer your question, the first four people after the president are: 1: Vice President, if he dies then: 2: Attourney General, if he dies then: 3: Speaker of the house of representatives, if they die: 4: Secretary of Defence of the initial president before people started dying

What happens if a President and VP dies And the rest of the people in the line of presidential succession from Speaker to the last one DO Not constitutionally meet the requirements to be president?

There are 17 people in the succession list. The possibilitity that none of them would be qualified to be president is so remote that it has not been considered. If all of the cabinet were foreign born, somebody would surely notice and Congress would add to the succession list. If not, the process for choosing a new vice-president would be hastened and he would immediately become President upon confirmation.

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If the president were to die who would be the first four people to take over?

If the US President were to die the first four people in line to take become President would beThe Vice-PresidentThe Speaker of the House of RepresentativesThe President Pro Tempore of the SenateThe Secretary of State

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President Nixon had a list of 20 people that he considered enemies. Later, during Watergate, even more names was added to the list. Topping the list may have been George McGovern.

Who of the following people cannot sponsor a bill in Congress?

We don't have the list, so your answer depends on the list. The president doesn't make laws.

Which amendment allows the positions of president and vice president to be filled in caes of death or removal from office?

The 25 amendment specifies the procedure for replacing the vice-president and for temporarily removing the president from power and giving the vice-president the presidential power.The Constitution itself makes the Vice President President if the President dies or leaves office. It also gives Congress the power to establish a presidential succession list to be used if there is no vice-president.

In the proper order of succession who will take over in the event the president dies List 3 people?

First three people in line to the presidency of the USA are 1:Vice President 2:Secretary of State 3:President of the Senate 2nd Answer: Quite a guess! Here is the truth: President Vice president Speaker of the House President pro tempore of the Senate Secretary of State (By the way, the President of the Senate, that is, the person who presides over the Senate is the vice president, himself)

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