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There is only one president on the list of presidents that have not been white due to fact that we only have one black president. Also, this president is Barak Obama.

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Q: List of non-white US presidents
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Where can one find a list of Presidents of the United States of America?

A great place to find a list of the Presidents of the United States of America is on Wikipedia. Another website that has the list of US presidents is 'PresidentUSA'.

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What do the presidents of United States look like?

There are dozens of books that list all the presidents with their pictures. Or, you can google "US Presidents" and click on images.

How many US presidents used a press list?

71 i think

List of all the presidents since the 1900s?

A list of all of the US presidents since the 1900s can be found online at places like US President Election. This list begins with George Washington and ends currently (2014) with Barrack Obama.

Where can One get some general knowledge about US president list?

I am not sure what you mean by a "US president list." There are a number of reliable websites that offer a list of all the US Presidents (Barack Obama is the 44th), and some will let you link to a biography of each person. I enclose one good link to a list of the American presidents.

Show me a list of all the Presidents of the United Stated.?

A list of all the Presidents of the United States and their terms in office can be found by using the link to the Wikipedia article posted on this office and the office holders, or by clicking on the ordered list of us presidents link.

Who was Presidents 1972 to present?

list all us presidents since 1950

Where can you find a list of all US Presidents?

Go to and type in the words "list US presidents" without the quotation marks. You can also go to

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A list of all the US's presidents would begin with George Washington and end with the current president Barrack Obama. You can see a complete list online at

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answer located at

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Every president has... I think. You should go to wikipedia and look at there list.