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Q: A multiparty system often represents different beliefs or?
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What is a advantage of multiparty systems?

One advantage of a multiparty system is that it allows different positions to be expressed and debated upon. It gives citizens a choice of who they want to support.

Does Germany have a multiparty system?


Which countries does not have a competitive multiparty system?


Which of these nations has a multiparty system?

all of the above

How can diversity of view represents in a multiparty system be seen as both a strength and and a weakness?

the diversity of views represented in a multiparty system can be seen as a weakness because it often may lead to instability in government, it might be seen as a strength because it gives voters a much more meaningful choice among candidates and policy alternatives then the present two-party system.

Demerits of multiparty system in India?

it leads to discrimination

Multiparty system tend to produce?

political instability

Is Ireland a dominant or multiparty system?

Ireland has a multiparty system with two coalitions who generally alternate in power;- Fine Gael and Labour Fianna Fail and Progressive Democrats

Which system has a government formed by parties working together?

multiparty system

What country does not have a competitive multiparty system?

Mexico currently does not have a multiparty system. In fact, they are having so many problems with corruption, that many places in Mexico do not currently have a police force.

What states have a competitive multiparty system?

(in the US) All 50 of them.

What are advantages of multiparty system?

we have a choice among the people who will be our leader............