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Q: A person claiming to be forced to commit a crime because they would get beat up is using what criminal defense?
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Which theory suggest that people commit crime because of status frustration?

"In lower-class neighborhoods, strain, or status frustration, occurs because legitimate avenues for success are all but closed." pg 99 Introduction to Criminal Justice 10th ED. Larry Jm Siegelstrain theory" According to the strain theory, people who want to experience the American Dream of wealth, success, and happiness will be frustrated and angry if they lack the means of achieving their goals." pg 106 (3rd box down -blue shaded box on the left hand side) Introduction to Criminal Justice 11th ED. Larry J. SiegalAPEXconnecting the words on the page with something from your own experience, such as a picture,helps you remember the story

Are there limitations on the right to freedom of speech?

Yes, there are limitations on the right to freedom of speech. It has never been held that the First Amendment protects all kinds of sppech. Some examples of proper limitations are: When speech creates a clear and present danger that it will create some evil which government has a right to prevent. The well-known examples here are shouting "Fire." in a crowded theater or publishing troopship movements in time of war. When speech directly results in a breach of the peace such as inciting to riot or using "fighting words." When speech constitutes libel or slander. When speech constitutes obscenity, but within a very narrow definition of obscenity. When speech is used as a criminal instrumentality, such as telling a person "Your money or your life", or making terroristic threats. When speech is used to commit fraud. When speech is used to communicate information to commit a crime, such as when several persons engage in conversation that amounts to criminal conspiracy to commit a crime or where the conversation enables several people to commit a crime. These are illustrations of some of the limitations on speech that are allowed even under the First Amendment.

Did Robespierre commit suicide?

No, he was beheaded by guillotine on July 28th, 1794.

What according to George strong were the major factors that in autumn of 1860 were about to split the nation?

Commit treason

Why did martin Luther king tried to commit suicide at age of 12?

I don't know where you got this information but he didn't try to commit suicide . He was a gifted student and at 15 was admitted to Morehouse college. This idea would have been completely against his training and family values/religious beliefs.

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What terms represents a criminal defense that involves inducement by a law enforcement officer to commit a crime?


What makes entrapment straddle the lines between criminal law and criminal procedure?

Entrapment straddles the lines between criminal law and criminal procedure because it involves the actions of law enforcement in inducing someone to commit a crime. It is a defense in criminal law, asserting that the individual would not have committed the crime if not for the actions of law enforcement. The defense of entrapment can impact the fairness of criminal proceedings, raising questions about due process and police conduct.

Is a defense to a criminal prosecution on the grounds that the defendant was forced to commit the criminal act?

that is called coercion, or if the facts allow, you could also say the crime was committed under duress

What do you have to do to be considered a criminal?

Just commit a crime and you will be considered a criminal.

Should people be allowed to own guns?

Yes, because almost every person in the world who would commit a crime yowled not abide to laws that restrict gun wrights. If a criminal would commit a crime, they obviously would not care about laws that do not allow them to have guns. People who have guns for self defense can defend themselves. If there are laws against owning guns, then innocent people would be unable to defend themselves, meanwhile a criminal would have a gun.

What is attempted assault in New York?

is a criminal charge in which an individual has tried to commit a criminal assault on a person.

The criminal intent necessary to commit a crime is known as?

the motive

Why do women commit crime?

Women may commit crimes for various reasons, such as financial difficulties, substance abuse, self-defense, mental health issues, or influences from their social environment. Additionally, factors like a history of trauma, poverty, lack of education, or being involved with criminal partners can also contribute to women engaging in criminal behavior.

What is Kim Dotcom being charged for?

Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering, Conspiracy to Commit Copyright Infringement, Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering, Criminal Copyright Infringement.

Who must be involved in an alleged crime for the defense of entrapment to be used successfully?

Entrapment is an affirmative defense to most criminal charges stemming from a law enforcement officer or agent of a law enforcement agency inducing the alleged defendant into committing a crime that he would not otherwise commit. The person who lures into person into the crime must be involved for the crime to commit.Another View: (In US criminal law) A person is 'entrapped' when they are induced (i.e.: "egged on") or persuaded by law enforcement officers or their agents to commit a crime that they had no previous intent to commit.However, there is no entrapment when that person is ready and willing to break the law and the government agents merely provide what appears to be an opportunity for them to commit it.

What is criminal facilitation?

Usually, it means you helped someone commit a crime.

What does the preliminary crime of attempt require to intent to commit a crime?

There is no such thing. Even if the crime was unsuccessful in being carried out, the attempt to commit it satisfies the legal requirement of a criminal act accompanied by a criminal intent.