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"In lower-class neighborhoods, strain, or status frustration, occurs because legitimate avenues for success are all but closed." pg 99 Introduction to Criminal Justice 10th ED. Larry Jm Siegel

strain theory

" According to the strain theory, people who want to experience the American Dream of wealth, success, and happiness will be frustrated and angry if they lack the means of achieving their goals." pg 106 (3rd box down -blue shaded box on the left hand side) Introduction to Criminal Justice 11th ED. Larry J. Siegal


connecting the words on the page with something from your own experience, such as a picture,helps you remember the story

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Social structure Theory

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Q: Which theory suggest that people commit crime because of status frustration?
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What theory suggest people commit crime because because of status frustration?

Robert K. Merton's Strain Theory suggests that individuals may engage in criminal behavior due to the inability to achieve culturally valued goals (such as wealth or success) through legitimate means, leading to status frustration. This theory highlights the strain experienced when individuals feel disconnected from societal expectations and resort to criminal behavior as a response.

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