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they had a lot of time on their mind and they were useless

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Q: How does painting caves suggest about the people who made the tools?
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How do people engrave things in caves?

People engrave things in caves by using sharp tools to carve designs into the cave walls. These tools can range from sharp stones to metal tools. Sometimes, people also use techniques like sandblasting to engrave cave walls.

What did a homo erectus cave look like?

Homo erectus caves were typically natural shelters such as rock overhangs or caves. They may have used branches, leaves, and animal hides as bedding, as well as fire for warmth, cooking, and protection. Artifacts found in these caves suggest they also stored tools, weapons, and food.

What are tools in painting?

Whether you are painting the wall, or painting a canvas, you use brushes, and paint

What are painting tools?

Whether you are painting the wall, or painting a canvas, you use brushes, and paint

How do you know that there were cavemen?

You know that there were cavemen and women because of archaeological finds within caves. Cave drawings often included pictures of the people who lived in the caves and gave modern people an idea of the tools and animals that were used by the cave dwellers.

What skills and tools would be needed to make cave paintings-What does this suggest about the people who created them?

They used very simple paints from natural sources like plants and rocks. They used their fingers to put the painting on the rock. It was very simple art.

People did not usually live in caves during the Paleolithic Age because .?

they were too cold and damp.

What year was the painting tools by karla horst painted?

what year was the painting painted

The process of applying color to a surface with tools such as a brush or a finger.?


What are the tools used for timber dressing?

the timber is dressed by people painting it with black paint and then they put it in a machine and they fart.

Hitler turned the press radio literature painting and film into tools of?

Tools of propoganda.

When was the Paleolithic times?

The Paleolithic times were when people made tools such as...AxesSpearsThey ate food such as...MammothsDeerAnd they lived in caves that were...Made out of bonesWeren't very dryHope this helped!