A sentence for comprise

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Just remember the parts comprise the whole. And the whole is composed of the parts. Do not use comprise like compose like "comprise of" which is wrong. It is easy to make this mistake. Example, 50 states comprise the United State of America.

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Q: A sentence for comprise
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A sentence using the word comprise?

The remaining isolates, from two locations, appeared to comprise a mixture of races.

What is a sentence for the word comprise?

The new city park will comprise several open areas for sporting activities.

How do you write comprise in a sentence?

The Young Artists Program will comprise over 500 grade schools nationwide.

What comprise a sentence?

A subject and a predicate.

Comprise in a sentence?

A sandwich is comprised of different kinds of foods.

What is the verb in this sentence the zoo will build a new gorilla exhibit next year?

The two words "will build" comprise the verb in this sentence.

How do you use the word Alleghenies in a sentence?

The Alleghenies comprise the rugged western-central portion of the Appalachians.

What part of speech is the word comprise?

Comprise is a verb.

Use Bill of Rights in a sentence?

the bill of rights was the document that listed our freedom

Action that comprise maternal behavior?

actions that comprise maternal behavior?

How do you use comprises in a sentence?

The composition of the example sentnce must use the word comprise.How many ingredients does this recipe comprise?

How do you use assembled in a sentence?

Many individual component assemblies comprise a finished product, i.e., car, plane.