A sentence for nonentity

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what is a sentence for nonentity?

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Q: A sentence for nonentity
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Can you use nonentity in a sentence?

"That boy is a nonentity!"

How do you use nonentity in a sentence?

my sister had a nonentity punishment.

Can you make a sentence with nonentity?

It's hard to belive that dickens was considered a nonentity in his time!

What are synonyms of nonentity?

the only synonyms for nonentity are cipher and nobody. it means (noun) A person of no influence. a sentence for nonentity is After losing the gubernatorial election, she was written off as a political nonentity. you can look in a dictionary to find nonentity.

Use the word nonentity in a sentence?

The incumbent had considered the new candidate a political nonentity; therefore, the upset victory was a shock.

What is a nonentity?

a nonentity is a person of no importance, a nobody

What are the ratings and certificates for The Nonentity - 1922?

The Nonentity - 1922 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

Can you give an example for the word nonentity?

Nonentity is a noun that means a person of no importance or significance or something that doesn't exist. Example: The way people ignore me when I need something makes me feel like a nonentity. Nonentity means the state of non-existing.

Use nonentity in a sentence?

Our imagination consists of nonentities, especially in the tales we tell and the stories we tell.Sometimes our nonentity can get the best of us, especially when we're trying to make up an excuse onto why we did something in the wrong.

What is a sentence using the word nonentity?

Non entity is something that does not exist or exists only in imagination. Rick did not participate in the meeting at all, as if he was a non-entity.

What does nonentity mean?

ta mere

What is a sentence for nonentity?

So good to see someone with real nurtured talent on the TV rather than vacuous celebrity nonentities.They are not in the How_do_you_put_the_word_nonentity_in_a_sentence, or at the discretion, of a passing parade of political nonentitiesFunny