Sentence for ascendancy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To have ascendancy means to have a position of power. An example sentence is: The ascendancy comes with a lot of stress.

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Q: Sentence for ascendancy
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Sentence using ascendancy?

The ascendancy of Hitler led to many atrocites.

How would you use the word 'ascendancy' in a sentence?

The Crown Prince's ascendancy to the throne never was and never will be an issue. A floppy hat will be more in order as the sun's ascendancy to it's zenith is felt.

What is channel ascendancy?

chanel ascendancy

Use ascend in a sentence?

My grade point average will ascend if I study hard.

What are examples of the word ascendancy?

The liberal cabinet is expected to oppose her ascendancy to the crown.

How do you use ascendency in a sentence?

The ascendancy of the Angels of the Lord was so smooth and so confident.

What are the ratings and certificates for Ascendancy - 1983?

Ascendancy - 1983 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG Iceland:12

Example of sentences using the word ascendancy?

the duck swam in da lake, ASCENDANCY, the duck like to SWIM hahahaha

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Who directed the 1983 film 'Ascendancy'?

Edward Bennett directed the 1983 film "Ascendancy". It was a British film! He also directed other British films, too, but one of his most well known films was the one mentioned. Ascendancy!