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Q: A shadoof is a device used in?
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A shadoof is a device used in what?

Irrigation A+

What is a shadoof?

A shadoof is a device used to gather water with a pivoted stick and a bucket attached to the end of it.

What is a shduf?

The word is spelled shaduf or shadoof, and it is a device used for drawing water from a well. It was invented in ancient Egypt.

Water raising device found in Egypt?

A counterpoint lift called a shadoof - also called shaduf, dhenkli or a picottah.

What innovation did the Egyptians use to spread water across their land?

A canal or basin, or a thing called a Shadoof. Dont blame me on my spelling please :)

Is a shadoof to get water from?

A shadoof is used to get water from one level to another. It is usually used to raise water from a lower level to a higher one.

What is a shadoof used for in ancient Egypt?


Egyptian machine used to raise water?

It is called a shadoof.

How was a shaduf used?

Shadoof was used by the Egyptians as a type of irrigation to water dry patches that were near canals. The shadoof could fetch stored canal water and pour it to the required direction.

Who named the shadoof the shadoof?

Shadoof Hanyaki(Sha duf han yahc e) had created the shadoof to get water for his family safely and decided to build them along the nile to help out others too

Who was a shadoof used by?

A shadoof is used by farmers who need to get water for their crops or fields when the river(s) aren't easily available. They are used to get water from below ground level (a hole) or off a small cliff that the river usually fills to the top.

What is a shaddof?

Did you mean "shadoof", a bucket on a pole with a counter weight used to lift water.