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Die, I think ,the title passes down the family like Kings and queens.

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Q: A son of a duke must wait for his father to do what before receiving that family name?
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What is Duke Ellington's daughter's name?

Mercedes Ellington. Mercedes Ellington is Duke Ellingtons grand daughter ! Not his daughter.Mercer is her father. Duke Ellington's daughter's name is April Ellington,from Duke's second family.

What is relationship between Duke of Edinburg and Prince William of Wales?

Father (Duke) and Son (Prince). The Duke can not be King as he married the queen rather than being born into the Royal Family.

Is Randolph Duke designer related to the North Carolina Duke family?

Yes, he is related to the North Carolina Duke family. He is my first cousin. His father and my mother are brother and sister. His grandmother lived in North Carolina, outside of Fayetteville North Carolina.

Who did William the Conqueror replace?

William replaced his father the Duke of Normandy and became Duke himself before invading England and replacing King Harold II as King.

Does a marquess inherit the title duke when his father the duke dies?

Only if his father was a duke. There are two types of marquess: 1) A marquess by right. Marquess is the family's senior title, held by the head of the family, e.g. the Marquess of Bath, owner of Longleat. 2) A marquess by courtesy. The eldest son of any peer above the rank of baron takes his father's second most senior title as a courtesy title. A courtesy title has never conferred the right to sit in the House of Lords, and the holder is not a peer of the realm. Usually, but not always, a duke also holds a marquessate, which can be used by his eldest son e.g.. the Duke of Bedford's eldest son is the Marquess of Tavistock. He will become the duke on his father's death. Where a duke does not hold a marquessate, his eldest son will not be a marquess, e.g. the Duke of Norfolk's eldest son is the Earl of Arundel, because the earldom of Arundel is the second most senior title held by the family.

What was king George's 6 Name before king?

Duke of York - known to his family as Bertie.

Was Queen Victoria dad ever king?

No he was not. Her father was Edward, Duke of Kent who died before his father King George III and his two elder brothers.

Does Duke Tumatoe have a family?

everyone has a family! :)

Who is Prince Edward the Duke of Kent's Father?

Prince George, Duke of Kent

Was William of Normandy a duke?

He was a duke at the age of 9 because his father died.

What was duke ellingtons dad name?

Duke Ellington's father was named James Edward

What is the relationship between Freemasons and the British royal family?

Many members of the Royal Family have been masons over the years. Recently, the Queen's father, King George VI, and his brothers the Duke of Kent and the Duke of Windsor were all members of the order. The current Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England is the Duke of Kent, the Queen's first cousin.