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New York

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Q: What colony did Duke of York lead?
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Duke of York lead what colony?

New York

What colony did the duke york start?

duke york started the dildo colonie

Who did king Charles II give the New Netherland colony to?

His brother, the Duke of York. The Duke of York then renemed the colony 'New York'.

What colony was originally owned by Duke of York in 1664?

The New York Colony

Who is the government of colony New York?

Duke of York

Which colony was named for the duke of york?

New York

Which colony was named after the duke of york?

New york

Who was the owner of the colony of New York?

the duke of york

What colony was founded by the Duke of York?

New York.

Was duke of york famous?

Yes, the Duke of York was famous. He was famous for founding the New York colony.

Who was important in the New York colony?

The Duke of York because he got the colony named after him.

What was the name of the colony established by the duke of york?

New york