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New Amsterdan (NA) or New York (NY)

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new york

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Q: Colony ruled by lord Berkeley
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George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley founded the colony of?

new jersey;)

Who established the New Jeresy colony?

Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret

What colony did george carteret and lord john berkeley fund?

Sir AGeorge Cartaret and Lord John Berkeley established the colony of Nwe Jersey after the land was given to them by the Duke of York who got it from his brother, King Charles II.

What colony was ruled by lord B erkeley?

Virginia (VA)

What did lord john Berkeley and sir george carteret name their new colony?

New Jersey.

What colony was given by duke of York to lord John Berkeley and sir George?

New Jersey

George carteret and lord john Berkeley founded what colony?

new jersey

Why did sir george carteret look for the new jersey's colony?

he got it by help or lord john berkeley

Who started the colony New Jersey?

NEW ANSWER:New Jersey was founded in 1664, by Lord Berkeley, and Sir Carteret.

What is lord john berkeley's full name?

Its lord john berkeley

Who were important people in the early days of the New Jersey colony?

The two men that were important were Geroge Carteret and Lord Berkeley!

Who were the lord proprietor?