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Q: A state government cannot take actions that go against the laws and authority of?
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Which principle split the power of the government into three branches?

Separation of powers. The idea was that government cannot be completely trusted, so each branch of the government was given the authority and the responsibility to act as a check against the other two.

What actions by the government are prohibited by the bill of rights?

government officials cannot enter your home without your permission or a court order

How can the government stop pollution?

They cannot stop it. They can minimise it and legislate against it.

Is it against the law to care for another person?

No. Laws cannot control what people think or feel, only their actions.

Does the United States have a limited or unlimited government?

The United States has a limited government, meaning that its powers are defined and restricted by the Constitution. The government must operate within the boundaries set by the Constitution and cannot exceed its authority.

How did reformation affect the authority of the catholic church and of monarchs?

The protestant revolt did not affect the authority of the Catholic Church. It has the same authority that it has always had since it was founded by Jesus Christ in 33 AD. The Catholic Church's authority is from God alone so the actions of individual heretics cannot affect it except in a superficial manner.

Describe Checks and Balances?

Also known as a Seperation of Powers, the description of how our government cannot operate without all three branches. No one branch has supreme authority over another. Each branch has the power to approve or disapprove another's actions

Can parents be held liable for there 19 years old child's actions?

No, at age 19, the "child" is an adult responsible for his own actions. The parent has no legal authority to make the 19 year old do what the parent wishes, therefore the parent cannot be held liable for the child's actions.

What were the principal features of Britain's limited constitutional monarchy?

The king cannot go against the government

What actions may the psychiatrist take if the technician reports the inappropriate disclosure of the services?

The psychiatrist cannot take any action against the technician

The fact that the federal government was able to get the states to adopt a uniform drinking age is an example of the?

This is an example of the ability of the national government to use its funding authority to achieve indirectly what it cannot achieve directly.

How find address from email id?

You cannot find the address from email ID. It is against the rules of privacy. Only the people in Cyber crime have the authority to do that.