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Q: A statement of a political political party's policies and goals is called the party?
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Which of the populists partys policies undermined its attempts to appeal to urban workers?


How many people are involved in political partys?

700,008,995 700,008,995

Who were the federlist?

The federlists were a political party that vs. against the democratic republicans they were the first two political partys of the united states.

Why is there more than one political partys to choose from in Scotland?

It's something to do with democracy...

What were Washington's concerns when he left office?

* European alliances and wars. * Sectionalism. * Political Partys.

What is aung san suu kyis political partys name?

national league for democracy

You would expect the platform of a plitical party to lead to a national covention or guide the political issues of the partys candidate orconsist of party leaders called planks or determine the outcom?

guide the political issues of the party's candidate

Of the following which are allowed to make direct contributions to federal elections?

Corporations/Labor Unions o.O

Who had little actual political power but used the Reichstag to express the partys views?

Social Democratic Party

Which of following is a danger for candidates who succed in winning a major partys nomination?

Defining their policies in terms too extreme for the general electorate

The adoption of which progressive reform denied political bosses the power to pick their partys candidates for general elections?

secret ballot

The general statements of a partys philosophy and goals is called the?

The general statements of a political party's philosophy and calls is called the party platform. The planks, or individual issues, serve as a means of drawing particular demographics that agree with their platform to join and support the party.